Batman Arkham Origins the game for the 360.

By Thompson18


batman arkorgins1Arkham origins tells the background story of how Bruce Wayne became the dark knight. Well before he became the dark knight, Bruce Wayne basically had to learn to be a hero. You will be able to experience the caped crusader’s rise from a raw crime-fighter to an unstoppable superhero in this prequel of Batman. This game takes place years before Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. In addition to that, the young Batman patrols the streets of Gotham. A ruthless masked criminal has put a price on his head. To add on to that eight of the world’s deadliest assassins have come to claim the bounty. This would basically triggers an all- out battle for survival in a Gotham that’s is double the size of Arkham City.

This game is going to blow your mind as you form pivotal alliances, and hone your heroic skills. This new Arkham game has allot of new features. Basically it has features like, wider map, and some new bat game. It doesn’t have that many side quests but none the less it still a good game. Basically, despite the imperfections this is still a good game to play. You will be able to experience the rise of a legend when you play it. Based on the information so far, you will be able to see the start of Batman’s fame, and legend. This will blow your mind when you play the game.

This game introduces a young Batman that feels old. Arkham Origins tells the story of a younger Batman who is just getting his start in Gotham. It’s very interesting to look in at the beginning of a less established Batman for sure. In addition to that, it does a decent job introducing the Dark Knight and villains of the Batman universe. This is the third Batman game in the Arkham series, but the first not done by Rocksteady. This game does lack the polish of the previous two entries. Their are a few bugs here and there that are annoying. This is a good game without a doubt, but it’s not spectacular.

Origins is not what you are going to expected. In the other games you already know how the story ends. In addition to that, they announced there was going to be another Batman: Arkham game, you would be excited at first but when you find out this was going to be a prequel, you will start to think this is not what I thought it was. But when you hear the premise of the story that it was going to take place around year two of batman’s career, you might start to think to yourself that this could have promise. By the end of Arkham City you saw the death of joker, which was a fitting end for him so you would be hoping they would move on. Based on the information, they just had a younger batman face down people that I don’t think really appeared. It is a copy and past of the previous two Batman Arkham games with the exception of a few enhancements what you see with the first two games you will not see with the next games. This game will not be what you expect it to be.

This game has a good story but its a downgrade of the gameplay. They made a huge change in fightingbatman arkorigins2 of the game. Basically the change is they can interrupt you in the middle of a common punch, which ruins the flow of the battle. It’s will be a big problem once you get past the five times combo mark, but it can be easily fix, but it occurs way too, and it really detriments the combat. You would have to unlock the Disarm and Destroy combo through a side-mission, which is one the most useful combos of the game. Other than that the gameplay is basically the same as the other two. To add to that, it gets easy once you get the shock gloves but you can always choose not to use them. The gameplay is basically nothing special.

Arkham Origins just gives us a background story about Batman in this prequel. This game is going to blow the minds of some people. Its talks about a Younger Batman getting started but there is some old nostalgia. Origins will not be what you expect when you start playing the game. It has a good story but the gameplay is nothing to get excited really to get excited about. The gameplay is the same as the other two Arkham games. Based on the information so far, this game has some flaws but other than that it is a good game to play. Arkham Origins is still a game worth checking out.


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