Watch Dogs release for the XBOX 360.

By Thompson18


watch dogs1The game I would like to talk about would be Watch Dogs. The game Watch Dogs is an ambitious, open- world action game that puts players in the middle of a technological police state. In the near future of Chicago, an connection of cameras, screens, and computers keeps the populace under a constant watch. A man named Aiden Pearce disrupts this oppressive operating system behind it all. As a supreme hacker, Pearce can infiltrate the system and hijack the technology around him. He will be able to turn the system against itself by doing many things. For example, he can mess with traffic lights, and eavesdrop on people cell-phone calls. Basically, he can otherwise create chaos in the society.

Watch Dogs pushes the last-generation consoles to their limits. In addition to limits, it also creates a fully immersive, living, breathing city where your actions can affect everything around you. It features innovative multiplayer modes and other things. For example, it also features breathtaking visuals, deep AI. In addition to the AI, it has a very engrossing story to it. Basically, this game has a pretty good story line. In addition to that story line, this game also has good scenery. The only thing that could be annoying is that this game has repetitive gameplay.

When you start playing this game some of you are going to say “Oh my god”. The Grand Theft Auto games is nothing in comparison to this game. This game is only a little different than GTA, other than that their are some similarities. You have to actually think before you make a move. In GTA all you would have to do is just drive, their would be no thinking things throw. In addition to that, their is technology you can hack in to. They didn’t make everything in the game so simple like GTA. You are going to say “Oh my god” when you start playing this game.

Watch Dog is a great game with a good story line, which is awesome. In addition this information, this is just addicting. Watch Dogs is more of a GTA game, but you get a sweet phone that hacks most of everything and you bust criminals. In addition to that, you can take the other way around and ignore the crime and go your own way. In add on to that, you can choose to become a hero and stop the criminal with features. For example, some of those features would be take downs, road blocks, black outs, focus mode, and all other abilities. Watch Dogs is a very addictive game to play.

This is an open world game that you can use to your advantage with phone hacks you get like Black dogs2 To explain, this phone hack disables power to the whole city for a limited time. Their are other hacks like Jam scanners, it jams scanners so police cannot find you but must use it quick. You will be able to choose your own reputation. Basically, you can choose to be a good person or a criminal. But if you choose to be a criminal gun shops are not going to sell you anything if they see you on tv. The game has a storyline with a tragic back story. Aiden Pierce wanting to find the culprit who killed his niece and risk his life to find out this information.

Watch Dogs was one of the games people were hyping up about of 2014. It was delayed to May 27, 2014. That only made people even more excited to get the game. This game does not deserve that much hype. Even though this pushes the last generation console to its limit. When you start playing some of you might say “Oh my god”. This is a good game all in all with a good storyline. You will be able to take advantage of things with the phone hack. This game is good but it not that special, according to some people.


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