The game Dark Souls II on xbox one.

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ds2 1The game I’m going to introduce would be Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. Lets the darkness wash over you and replenish your souls. The Dark Souls franchise gets an Xbox One makeover that will have you scream with excitement. The Bloodthirsty beasties await you as you traverse through the kingdom of Drangleic. Basically, you will be ready for battle as you face any enemy. In addition you get to see upgraded graphics and state-of-the-art sound enhancements. In addition to that, the intense action-RPG also increase the maximum number of players in this online multiplayer to six. I’m going to talk about Dark Souls 2.

The NPCs will bring about new elements to the story of the game. As you delve deep into the dark labyrinth of monsters. In addition to monsters their are also labyrinths of mayhem as well. Your going to have to prepare yourself for a sensory overload. You will venture into the bleak twisted world of this game. You will be witnessing as the newest incarnation of Dark Souls. Basically, you will be able to experience the gameplay for yourself. There are new elements that is added to the stories of the game.

This game is good as it should be to some players. Their are a lot of low scores for this game, due to new aged players. Most of those players are used to hand-holding through video game. The game DS2 and the Souls series neglects to hold anything of yours except your death count. This game is excellent on Next-Gen vs last-gem . In addition the increased number of players is fun as well. Their is lore, open world, weapons, covenants, player builds galore and great bosses you can’t go wrong with this game. This game is good to some players of the game.

Death in this game is knowledge it self. Basically, dying is a lesson that teaches you not to die in thisds2 2 game. You don’t have to let cry babies deter you from a great title. If you need help where to go you can find it easily. Basically, you can find it on the internet, or you can try to find an area out there. You can go to that area and check it out for yourself. This is a real game for hardcore players who are serious fans. This game is not for anyone that want their hands held.

Why do some people hate on this game. This game is just perfect by some people opinion. This also includes all the DLC’s as perfect. You can enable party chats and play the game with fun. In addition to that you will see how fun it is to play this game. This game won’t be all that fun if you do play on your own. This is still a great made game however. The spawn switches in the game gives this game a whole new feel to the game.

In conclusion this review is all about Dark Souls 2. This game has new elements to the story of the game. This game is as good as it is to some of the players. Death teaches you in this game not to die, practice makes perfect. Their will be some people who will hate on this game. You have to give it a chance for you to develop a new opinion. That person might find out how good this game is and start trying it out. You be the judge and play it for yourself.


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